US Internet Hosted POP/IMAP & Exchange Email Hosting

You have choices when it comes to your email security solutions, but far too many people over-look the importance of email security spam filtering – which is actually the most important part of your hosted email solution. Today we present an overview of POP/IMAP so you can see why email security is so critically important. As a leader in email filtering security, we are happy to provide advice on this and other e-security topics.

Many people do not understand that email choices boil down to more than just service provid-ers. The types of services, their advantages and disadvantages, and their cost is also very im-portant, especially as spam and email scams become more sophisticated. But what are these different kinds of email options, and how can they help you?

In general, email types fall into three categories: POP, IMAP, and exchange email hosting. Gen-erally, the first two can be combined into something more effective as well, but it is important to have security protocols on both inbound and outbound emails, no matter the type, to keep your information safe. Here is each one in a little more detail.

1. POP

POP (post office protocol) is probably the simplest email type and one that has remained popu-lar for a very long time. The reason it remains such a widespread option comes down to that simplicity, and the fact that every single email service provider can work with POP.

The downside to POP comes down to usability and security. In general, it only works well with a single device and has very limited use on mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets. Receiving email is also easier, while sending emails can pose a problem when outside a trusted wireless connection. And since the system is so simple, it necessitates additional security proto-cols to ensure the data that is exchanged remains safe.


Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is steadily rising in popularity because it is perfect for people with email accounts that need to be synchronized between multiple devices. And since almost everyone in the business world needs both a computer and smartphone, IMAP makes perfect sense. IMAP also makes email migration easy, often just taking a few clicks and a pass-word or two. This email type is also perfect for business because it saves sent mail from any device, not just a desktop or laptop.

One of the drawbacks for IMAP is space. Since everything is stored on a server, email accounts can fill that server quite quickly. As emails become smaller and more efficient and servers be-come larger, this issue has lessened significantly in the past few years.

Another drawback to the proliferation of devices is that there are more opportunities for at-tacks, which is why additional security measures are often taken with IMAP email.

Most of the time, POP and IMAP are combined for a more effective email delivery system that is easy to sync, easy to use, and that can send and receive emails across multiple devices, all while ensuring every device is synchronizing in near-real time.

3. Exchange Email Hosting

Designed specifically for businesses, exchange emails hosting is meant for companies that need a professional email system, one that works across all devices and platforms. Unlike IMAP, which traditionally only syncs messages, exchange email hosting can sync contacts, calendars, emails and more across all modern devices, from tablets to desktops to phones. Migrating is simple, too, and it increases accountability because all sent and received emails are being saved, no matter the device. Sometimes exchange email hosting interacts strangely with non-professional platforms, like Outlook, but these rare instances are generally easy to fix.

The Securence Solution

There is a right email system for your business that depends on how you do business, with whom you do business, and on what your specific needs will be. Working with an experienced security and email company will help you develop the right email system to keep your business on the path to success. Securence provides industry-leading email security tools for your US hosted POP or exchange hosting service. No matter your company’s email protocols, using ded-icated, experienced security experts is a must. We will ensure that your inbound and outbound emails are safe and that the data that is enclosed is protected. Our high level of security, unlim-ited storage, and easy access to efficient phone support rival other industry solutions. Experi-ence our difference today.