How To Get Even More Out Of Your Hosted Exchange

In any type of business, having some sort of email management program is a necessity. Not only do you want an email exchange that is reliable and easy to use, but you also want one that is secure. At the basic level, your exchange hosts your emails, contacts, and calenders. The thing that really sets one exchange cloud service apart from the others is the personalized support and email security for the enterprise and end users.

Simple migration is possible.

Migration is when you move your email mailbox from one exchange server to another (either on premise or cloud based). While this is simple enough to understand at the basic level, it can easily become a headache of a process. The migration component of moving your on premise exchange to the cloud can be extremely frustrating and costly. By taking away the complexity, anxiety, and burden of moving your mailbox data, this migration process can be as simple as making the request. And yes – with the right Hosted Exchange service, you can have a straightforward migration process that gets taken off your hands for you. US Internet’s Securence creates a migration plan specifically for your unique organization and moves 99% of the current mailbox content prior to the cut over. The rest is captured and imported immediately after – so your users can be up and running with a complete mailbox right when they log in.

Nobody wants to deal with email fraud and security issues common with 365.

Email Fraud has become a critical threat to businesses of all types. Preventing threats such as spam, malware, and spoofing attacks is a requirement for enterprise level Hosted Exchange. Malware threats such as CEO Fraud and Crypto Locker need to be eliminated to shield employees of these attacks. But how do you know that the Exchange hosting service you go with is going to do all of that for you? Exchange alone does not have any viable threat protection built in so you must count on your Hosted Exchange provider to supplement the exchange service with such advanced threat and fraud protection. It’s important that you trust that your company will be protected from outside threats. From industry leading email security solution, Securence, with added threat protection, added email security, and added redundancy, you can be sure that your company is as safe as possible from email fraud.

Customer service is key.

That’s the motto that every company should live by. Unfortunately, when dealing with bigger companies that sell exchange hosting services, that can easily get lost or is non-existent to begin with. They’ll send you to a forum where you’ll get an answer to a cookie cutter question that doesn’t really help you solve your specific problem. Each and every problem is unique, which is why it is so important to be able to talk to a real person when dealing with an issue. Securence is proud to offer support 24/7 service, 365 days a year to help with the process by phone, email, or chat every step of the way. We understand the importance of ensuring that the customer has the best experience possible with a service that can be very frustrating if not serviced correctly. With the pressure of needing an immediate resolution to an issue with executives breathing down your neck, be assured that US Internet customer service will be available to help you immediately.

Send US Internet an email today requesting a new exchange service and your account can be fully setup with minimal effort on your end. It’s possible to avoid the frustration of other providers and obtain better support, email security, and seamless upgrades to new releases. And if you require Office 365 software (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) – we can provide those services for you at a discounted rate over Microsoft’s published pricing.