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As you know, not all email archiving solutions are fast. With Securence Email Archiving, documents are incorporated into the archive quickly and searches produce results in a flash. Queries run fast. Securence can search massive databases and produce results in seconds in most cases. Securence Email Archiving ensures the safe, simple and affordable storage of corporate email by storing all inbound, outbound and internal electronic correspondence in one location that is both easy-to-manage and easy to search.

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  • Advanced search and retrieval process is simple and easy-to-use.
  • Search and retrieval process is easy-to-use and allows users to retrieve emails in a matter of seconds using keywords, date range, and other filtering methods.
  • Uses exchange journaling for internal email archive when journaling to Securence is enabled on the email server.
  • No storage limits and no additional hardware required.
  • Messages are stored at multiple, secure off-site locations.

Secure transport and storage of internal and external messages

  • Storage is tamper-proof and read-only, keeping your messages protected in their original state.
  • Dual commit message capture verifies accuracy of messages.
  • Comes standard with 10-year hold.
  • Messages are encrypted and transported securely via TLS or SSL and stored using 256- bit encryption.

Advanced, dependable disaster recovery system

  • Messages are stored at dual, secure off-site locations.
  • Records and stores emails in near real-time, as opposed to point-in-time backups.
  • Always running and not at risk to common hardware failures.

Easy implementation and limited maintenance

  • Easy implementation allows users to get started within hours after provisioning is completed.

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