Don’t think you have the time or the budget to employ a proven, top-of-the-line email encryption service? Think again.

A proven, premium email encryption service to meet your needs and your budget, Securence Encryption & Security uses a powerful encryption technology to provide the maximum security for your most sensitive email communications. The email encryption services is code named “CypherMail” and allows you to stay up-to-date with regulatory compliance without disrupting your business. Best of all, CypherMail is easy to use and effectively mitigates the risk of email security violations.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordability. Integrates with your existing environment and you can subscribe on a per user basis.
  • Maximum Security. Powerful encryption technology ensures highest level of email security.
  • Easy-to-Use. Makes encrypted communications easily accessible.
  • Defense Against Phishing. Allows email recipients to recognize you as a trusted source.

Security Controls:

  • Control the maximum number of views
  • Expire message, based on date and number of views
  • Set limited start and stop time for message viewing
  • Control message opens and prevent message forward/reply
  • Be notified upon read of email
  • Revoke email viewing privileges
  • Allows retractability of messages
  • Ability to hide original sender

Securence Encryption & Security Provides the Following Capabilities:

Convenient, Easy-To-Use System – No Software Required
Send, receive, forward, and reply to secure messages with no special software required. The Securence Encryption & Security allows you to send encrypted emails with no unique interfaces or special steps required. With Securence Encryption & Security, secure messages are also available for offline viewing, so you can stay connected even while traveling, without sacrificing security.

Defend Against Phishing Attempts

Protect your customers against phishing attacks. Securence Encryption & Security lets email recipients recognize you as a trusted source, establishing a high level of trust with your customers and dramatically improving the deliverability of your secure emails.

Ensure the Delivery of Secure Statements Right to the User’s Inbox

Save time and money by sending invoices, account information, and other statements electronically, while maintaining the highest level of security. With Securence’s Email Encryption & Security services, your electronic statements are encrypted and sent automatically, and can be decrypted and viewed by your customer – quickly and easily, using any browser.

Key Take-Aways

  • Send, receive, forward, and reply to secure messages with no special software required.
  • Makes encrypted email communications easily accessible for the intended recipient.
  • CypherMail is mail server agnostic so that intended recipients can view encrypted messages from any email platform.
  • Easy access by the end user from any webmail account

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