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How To Get Even More Out Of Your Hosted Exchange

In any type of business, having some sort of email management program is a necessity. Not only do you want an email exchange that is reliable and easy to use, but you also want one that is secure. At the basic level, your exchange hosts your emails, contacts, and calenders. The thing that really sets one exchange cloud service apart from the others is the personalized support and email security for the enterprise and end users.

Simple migration is possible.

Migration is when you move your email mailbox from one exchange server to another (either on premise or cloud based). While this is simple enough to understand at the basic level, it can easily become a headache of a process. The migration component of moving your on premise exchange to the cloud can be extremely frustrating and costly. By taking away the complexity, anxiety, and burden of moving your mailbox data, this migration process can be as simple as making the request. And yes – with the right Hosted Exchange service, you can have a straightforward migration process that gets taken off your hands for you. US Internet’s Securence creates a migration plan specifically for your unique organization and moves 99% of the current mailbox content prior to the cut over. The rest is captured and imported immediately after – so your users can be up and running with a complete mailbox right when they log in.

Nobody wants to deal with email fraud and security issues common with 365.

Email Fraud has become a critical threat to businesses of all types. Preventing threats such as spam, malware, and spoofing attacks is a requirement for enterprise level Hosted Exchange. Malware threats such as CEO Fraud and Crypto Locker need to be eliminated to shield employees of these attacks. But how do you know that the Exchange hosting service you go with is going to do all of that for you? Exchange alone does not have any viable threat protection built in so you must count on your Hosted Exchange provider to supplement the exchange service with such advanced threat and fraud protection. It’s important that you trust that your company will be protected from outside threats. From industry leading email security solution, Securence, with added threat protection, added email security, and added redundancy, you can be sure that your company is as safe as possible from email fraud.

Customer service is key.

That’s the motto that every company should live by. Unfortunately, when dealing with bigger companies that sell exchange hosting services, that can easily get lost or is non-existent to begin with. They’ll send you to a forum where you’ll get an answer to a cookie cutter question that doesn’t really help you solve your specific problem. Each and every problem is unique, which is why it is so important to be able to talk to a real person when dealing with an issue. Securence is proud to offer support 24/7 service, 365 days a year to help with the process by phone, email, or chat every step of the way. We understand the importance of ensuring that the customer has the best experience possible with a service that can be very frustrating if not serviced correctly. With the pressure of needing an immediate resolution to an issue with executives breathing down your neck, be assured that US Internet customer service will be available to help you immediately.

Send US Internet an email today requesting a new exchange service and your account can be fully setup with minimal effort on your end. It’s possible to avoid the frustration of other providers and obtain better support, email security, and seamless upgrades to new releases. And if you require Office 365 software (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) – we can provide those services for you at a discounted rate over Microsoft’s published pricing.


US Internet Hosted POP/IMAP & Exchange Email Hosting

You have choices when it comes to your email security solutions, but far too many people over-look the importance of email security spam filtering – which is actually the most important part of your hosted email solution. Today we present an overview of POP/IMAP so you can see why email security is so critically important. As a leader in email filtering security, we are happy to provide advice on this and other e-security topics.

Many people do not understand that email choices boil down to more than just service provid-ers. The types of services, their advantages and disadvantages, and their cost is also very im-portant, especially as spam and email scams become more sophisticated. But what are these different kinds of email options, and how can they help you?

In general, email types fall into three categories: POP, IMAP, and exchange email hosting. Gen-erally, the first two can be combined into something more effective as well, but it is important to have security protocols on both inbound and outbound emails, no matter the type, to keep your information safe. Here is each one in a little more detail.

1. POP

POP (post office protocol) is probably the simplest email type and one that has remained popu-lar for a very long time. The reason it remains such a widespread option comes down to that simplicity, and the fact that every single email service provider can work with POP.

The downside to POP comes down to usability and security. In general, it only works well with a single device and has very limited use on mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets. Receiving email is also easier, while sending emails can pose a problem when outside a trusted wireless connection. And since the system is so simple, it necessitates additional security proto-cols to ensure the data that is exchanged remains safe.


Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is steadily rising in popularity because it is perfect for people with email accounts that need to be synchronized between multiple devices. And since almost everyone in the business world needs both a computer and smartphone, IMAP makes perfect sense. IMAP also makes email migration easy, often just taking a few clicks and a pass-word or two. This email type is also perfect for business because it saves sent mail from any device, not just a desktop or laptop.

One of the drawbacks for IMAP is space. Since everything is stored on a server, email accounts can fill that server quite quickly. As emails become smaller and more efficient and servers be-come larger, this issue has lessened significantly in the past few years.

Another drawback to the proliferation of devices is that there are more opportunities for at-tacks, which is why additional security measures are often taken with IMAP email.

Most of the time, POP and IMAP are combined for a more effective email delivery system that is easy to sync, easy to use, and that can send and receive emails across multiple devices, all while ensuring every device is synchronizing in near-real time.

3. Exchange Email Hosting

Designed specifically for businesses, exchange emails hosting is meant for companies that need a professional email system, one that works across all devices and platforms. Unlike IMAP, which traditionally only syncs messages, exchange email hosting can sync contacts, calendars, emails and more across all modern devices, from tablets to desktops to phones. Migrating is simple, too, and it increases accountability because all sent and received emails are being saved, no matter the device. Sometimes exchange email hosting interacts strangely with non-professional platforms, like Outlook, but these rare instances are generally easy to fix.

The Securence Solution

There is a right email system for your business that depends on how you do business, with whom you do business, and on what your specific needs will be. Working with an experienced security and email company will help you develop the right email system to keep your business on the path to success. Securence provides industry-leading email security tools for your US hosted POP or exchange hosting service. No matter your company’s email protocols, using ded-icated, experienced security experts is a must. We will ensure that your inbound and outbound emails are safe and that the data that is enclosed is protected. Our high level of security, unlim-ited storage, and easy access to efficient phone support rival other industry solutions. Experi-ence our difference today.


Why You Should Not Use Office 365 for Your Hosted Exchange

The telecommunications industry is changing with innovative technology involving state-of-the-art infrastructure. Improving your hosting solution means expecting better customer service while also benefiting from less outages. Securence offers this and more to its valued clients. We don’t outsource our technical assistance; our first-rate direct support means that client concerns and issues are brought forward to immediate attention of the exchange operating staff.

The hosted exchange of your business will be owned, maintained, updated, and backed-up by a third party hosting provider, saving the end user thousands of dollars. Our clients no longer spend money on the hardware and software for the office, which saves space (no server room!) in addition to money. We ensure software updates are installed, and we monitor your data availability. Basically, with Securence, you can focus on running your company while knowing your data is in good hands.

hosted exchange

Let us tell you why you should not use Office 365 for your hosted exchange.

Why choose hosted exchange over Office 365?

The first thing you need to know is that the services are done virtually. The products offered by a hosted exchange are available to third party hosting providers with a small charge. Imagine a world where all the effort around getting a network uptime, power, and hardware management is managed by a virtual third party host that supports you within seconds. Our customers enjoy a variety of email offerings from Securence. The problem with our competition often lies in their inability to enjoy options for affordable strategies to make a small business more efficient. Make better technical choices with our help.

Features that really work

Hosted exchange styles offer hybrid email solutions for small and growing businesses, since each business has unique requirements. The many technical features we can provide for your hosted exchange knocks Office 365 out of the water. We can improve your productivity with a calendar and online collaboration tools to ease your stress in the business world.

Simplicity and Security

Get the security that your business has been looking for. With us, you get the benefit of receiving anti-spam and anti-virus scans as well as SSL encryption for all email transmissions. Trust and know the products you are getting for your hosted exchange. You are getting supportive staff that is on your side whenever you need a hand. If you are a system administrator, reach out and connect with our support team.

Evolving Technology

Each and every day we see businesses struggle with the same thing, and it’s our goal to make their business either more accessible to customers or their marketing more appealing to viewers. After all, is it not your priority to draw people in?

A hosted exchange takes the pressure off you and allows flexibility to pursue different types of email set up options as well as keeping all important data in one secure place. We save you energy and money that you would otherwise have to invest in another hosting plan.