Why CryptoLocker Prevention is Good for Business

With the number of viruses threatening computer systems seemingly increasing on a continual basis, it is difficult juggle these threats, while also running a successful business. In order to ensure that your company is protected at all times, it is our job to take a dynamic approach to filtering both inbound and outbound data, counterattacking the latest in spamming techniques and computer viruses as they evolve and appear. One particularly deadly breed of virus that is currently plaguing computer systems worldwide is the ransomware malware known as CryptoLocker, and its prevention is the best solution.

What is CryptoLocker?

CryptoLocker is a type of ransomware malware that infiltrates computer systems as a Trojan virus. Once affected, the virus will spread each time that the computer is booted up, leaving encrypted and inaccessible files in its wake. CryptoLocker prevention is key, because once these files are encrypted, it is impossible to access them without the decryption code held by the attackers. As the term “ransomware” suggests, once CryptoLocker has encrypted your files, the attackers will demand a ransom to be paid in exchange for the decryption key needed to unlock the affected files.

CryptoLocker Prevention

Paying the Ransom

If you haven’t successfully set up any form of CryptoLocker prevention and the malware infects your computer’s operating system, there are very few options left for you to reverse the damage. Most attackers will demand a ransom, usually to be paid in Bitcoin digital currency, in exchange for a decryption key. Seen as the first “decentralized” digital currency, Bitcoin is now the largest and most widely used form of digital money. Unlike other forms of currency, digital currencies are unregulated and cannot be shut down by governments at any time. As a result, there is no guarantee that you will ever receive a decryption key by paying the ransom.

The Importance of CryptoLocker Prevention

When dealing with ransomware malware threats, only CryptoLocker prevention will truly protect your business from potential harm. Securence produces the most effective and efficient email filtering possible as a result of our Signature-Based email filtering and management solution. Computer viruses are dynamic, constantly changing and adapting to overcome the systems in place to counteract them. In order to effectively combat these threats, your anti-virus software cannot solely rely on a single filtering method.

Securence is the anti-spam solution of choice; we have earned a reputation for overall effectiveness and accuracy while still offering low costs and maintenance. In order to ensure that your business is protected from any potential threats, it is important to be informed as to what those particular threats are; however, CryptoLocker prevention does not need to be a daily worry for you or your employees. Securence provides real-time protection from the latest threats—with 24-hour monitoring—so you remain informed, without detracting from your own business responsibilities.

If you would like to implement an anti-virus program that gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your files are safe and secured at all times, Securence Encryption & Security has your company’s best interests in mind. Contact Securence to discuss your CryptoLocker prevention options and protect your company’s sensitive data from online threats today.