DNSBLs and Securence Part 2: Securence Getting Listed on other DNSBLs

Securence provides outgoing email filtering and delivery. Most Securence customers are provided a dedicated IP address that no other customer will use. This isolates customers from potential IP reputation problems. If another customer sends spam or bulk emails, all other customers are protected from the IP reputation damage that may occur. This is a major advantage over other email services where emails are delivered from a pool of shared IP addresses. Although these services have many IP addresses in their pool, it’s possible to have these IP addresses’s reputations tainted because of the inevitable spam that will be sent through these services.

Most DNSBLs yellowlist the major email senders, but this is an imperfect practice and these IPs sometimes get listed or at least don’t enjoy a positive IP address reputation.

Automated services within Securence monitor all the outgoing IP addresses on major and minor IP reputation lists including Spamcop, Spamhaus, etc. When there are IP address reputation problems, our email team will investigate the cause and resolve it. Often this requires action by the customer’s email administrator. We assist and give helpful information to help resolve the issues quickly.

Once the root cause has been addressed, if the IP reputation is still poor, a new address is assigned and the previous one is retired. Retired IP addresses get set aside for a time to allow listings to expire. Before an IP address is reintroduced as a potential dedicated outgoing address, Securence admins ensure its reputation is neutral or positive.