Cloud Email Security Service Assists Your Business in More Ways than One

Emails today are some of the most time-consuming and dangerous aspects of the modern business. Not only can emails lead to a variety of distractions that can cost your business time and money, they can cost you in many other ways as well. If your business needs to keep your email as efficient and safe as possible, Securence’s cloud email security service solves many problems that plague business email. Here are just a few ways in which it can help your company succeed.

1. Security

Opening up an email shouldn’t be a risky venture. It should be a short, safe procedure that gives you the information you need to be productive. Modern malware creators still love using emails to send their malicious code. It’s a simple way to get people to open programs they don’t want, and it remains a method of delivery with a surprisingly high success rate. To protect your company against attacks, you need security in your email. Cloud email security service from Securence bolsters your email’s security, helping to filter through malicious emails to protect your company’s files and data.

Cloud email security service2. Lessens Traffic

When you consider how many emails you get a day, you’re probably not keeping track of how much information is getting passed along with them. Pictures, attachments, and other forms of data all take up space on your servers, which can be a problem if you have limited server space, or are large companies sending multiple emails. Promotional emails, with their high resolution photos and other large files, can quickly take up space and push your server space to the limit. But with a cloud email security service, you can limit traffic by keeping out these big, superfluous emails. It helps you keep the demands on your server lower, but it can also save you money by not having to subscribe to more server space.

3. Customized Filters for Your Business

While most email providers supply some sort of filtering, that doesn’t mean that it’s enough to keep your employees focused. Many filters cannot differentiate in the same way as a professional cloud email security service, which can lead to many emails from sources that aren’t tied to work. With cloud email security service, however, you can set filters for incoming and outgoing emails, keeping you on top of everything in your company’s email. Filtering will lessen the number of emails you receive overall as well, making sure that everything that makes it to your inbox is pertinent and important. That means fewer important emails getting lost in the shuffle, and quicker response time to the mails that matter.

Modern businesses need 21st century solutions to everyday problems, especially when it comes to their email. While email services are designed to get people the information they need in a flash, they can also cost you time, money and productivity in many different ways. With Securence’s cloud email security service, these problems can be avoided. Custom filters, extra security, and more will help your company stay on the right track.