Benefits of Email Continuity for Businesses

In today’s business world, things travel at the speed of light. Communication is not only necessary, it’s critical, and it’s constant. There are people whose very lives depend on emails, and every business needs to have constant and reliable access to their email network. Yet, server outages happen, and when they do, many companies and their employees are brought to a sudden halt. Without access to any of their previous emails, and a vital communication pathway stopped, these outages can cost you time and money. But with email continuity solutions, you can always have access to your emails, even when a server goes down. All you need is an internet connection and Securence’s specialized cloud based email continuity service will do the rest. Here’s just a few ways that email continuity services can help your business succeed.

email continuity solutions1. You and Your Employees Have Email Access All the Time

The main benefit that email continuity brings to any business is the ability to access emails in almost any circumstance. With our email continuity service, all you or your employees will need is an internet connection and with that they will always have access to their inboxes. This means that they can find important emails and attachments, review conversations and more, whenever they need.

2. Still Send and Receive, Even During Server Outages

One of the critical problems that occur during email server outages is that you are no longer able to send and receive messages. This can be a terrible experience for you, your business, and your employees, which inturn can have an impact on your client relations, see you working without the right information, and more. An email continuity service will ensure that inbound and outbound emails are still sent and received while the server is out, which means your company can seamlessly keep running no matter what.

3. Automatic Service, Constant Communication

Securence Email Continuity is directly linked to your email server, providing a constant update of licenses, information, and services that can easily be transported to a cloud system. When a server outage occurs, our service kicks in automatically, functioning just like the original service without any interruption. This means you’ll never have to worry about lost communications or lack of access to email accounts. With our cloud-based email continuity service, seamless email service makes server outage problems a thing of the past.

Starting at less than $1 per user/per month, Securence Email Continuity is a cost-effective yet crucial aspect of the modern business. Server outages are all too common, especially in the business world, and they can bring your company to a grinding halt. But with the right email continuity service, you’ll never have to worry about your business’ email again. With Securence Email Continuity, you will still be able to send and receive emails and gain access to important messages, all through our seamless cloud-based technology. All you need is an internet connection.