The Securence Realtime Block List, rbl.securence.com, is a database of IP addresses that are currently sending spam to Securence.  Entries in this database are almost completely automated.  IP addresses are automatically delisted as soon as the spam stops.  If one of your IP addresses is listed, it means we are currently seeing spam traffic from your server.

Almost every time we receive a request to delist from this list the requester finds their mail server had been sending spam without their knowledge.  Often, our listing is the earliest notification anyone gets about the malicious activity on their server.  Since entries are automatically delisted when the spamming stops, the fastest way to get delisted is to address the cause of the spam.

Before you request delisting check your server outgoing queue for spam.  Also put your IP address into multirbl.valli.org to see if other DNSBLs are listing your server as well.

If you feel we are in error, you may request removal.  Send an email to delist@rbl.securence.com with the following information:

  • The IP address listed
  • Your contact information
  • The 550 response you received from our server
  • The link to multirbl.valli.org with your IP address already populated, it will look like http://multirbl.valli.org/lookup/
    • Be certain to include the correct IP address of your email server, not your browser client or your delist request may be discarded
  • Incorrect or incomplete information in the email will cause your delist request to be discarded

We will send you a confirmation email during the delisting process.  If your email address does not work, we will be discard your delist request.  If you do not reply to our response, your delist request will be discarded.  We may request information about your company and email policies during the delisting process, be prepared to provide this information.

If your IP address is listed on Spamhaus, SpamCop, or several other DNSBLs we will not remove the listing.  We will investigate your IP address to verify we are correctly listing it.  If we are in error, we will remove the listing.  Removals are temporary – if we see spam activity again our systems will automatically relist your IP address.  We do not offer whitelisting.

If you are sending from a shared IP address your IP may be listed because of other users sending from the same IP address.  This is particularly true of Email Service Providers like MailGun or SendGrid.  We recommend you request a clean IP address from these services, preferable a non-shared IP address as many of these services do not do a good job of guarding against abuse.

Note: we do not apply our DNSBLs to mail sent to delist@rbl.securence.com, so, it your are currently listed, you will still be able to send us emails.