The Securence From Block List, is a database of sending domain names that have sent a large quantity of unwanted messages to Securence.  Entries in this database are completely manual and are done after researching the domain name’s sending history or other manual verification.  In general, if a domain has only ever sent unwanted messages, it will be listed.  However, there are other reasons a domain may get listed.

Before you request delisting check your server outgoing queue for spam.  Also put your domain name into to see if other DNSBLs are listing your domain as well.

Entires are generally not removed until requested.  To request removal, send an email to with the following information:

  • The RFC5321.MailFrom or RFC5322.From header domain
  • Your contact information
  • The 550 response you received from our server
  • The link to with your domain name address already populated, it will look like

We will send you a confirmation email during the delisting process.  If your email address does not work, we will be unable to delist your domain name.  If your domain name is listed on SURBL or Spamhaus DBL, we will not remove the listing.  If the sending domain sends marketing messages be prepared to show proof of opt-in.