Blacklist and Whitelist import

Blacklists and Whitelists cause a lot of false positives and false negatives.  We recommend new domains do not import a large blacklist or whitelist.

If you feel you simply cannot function without importing your previous blacklist or whitelist, Securence Engineers can import your lists.  We can import lists to apply to single domain or group of domains.  We cannot import profile or user level blacklists and whitelists.

Lists must be at least 30 entries.  Smaller lists should be entered manually.

Here is the process:

  • Have the list exported to a readable format.  CSV, text file, or a single table in Excel.
    • Store the blacklist and whitelist in separate files with clear names.
  • Review the list:
    • See the examples at the bottom of this page for the correct way to format entries
    • Remove one time use email addresses
      • One time use email addresses are non-personal looking addresses with alpha-numeric sections that look like data.  Examples:
    • Less than 10 IP addresses must be manually entered
    • Blocks of IP addresses are particularly dangerous, but with justification can be added.
      • In the email you send, please include the justification for large IP blocks
      • Format blocks of IP addresses using simple wildcards
      • Securence does not accept IP address blocks in CIDR notation, we will simply ignore IP addresses in CIDR format
    • Remove wildcard entries for large email providers or financial institutions.  These will not be entered under any circumstance and their presence in the list will cause the list to be rejected.  For example:
      • *
      • *
      • *
      • *
      • etc.
    • Remove wildcard entries for you own domain.  These will not be entered under any circumstance and their presence in the list will cause the list to be rejected.


Once you have reviewed the list please zip it and encrypt the zip archive with the password “listimport”.  This will prevent the message from getting blocked by content filters.  Send the zip file to  Include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Zip file
  • The domain in Securence the that should receive the lists
  • If there are large IP blocks include the justification for the blocks



Blacklist and whitelist formatting examples:

  • Single email address:
  • Entire domain:
    • *
  • Subject blacklists and whitelists should start with “subject:”.  These can be very powerful, be judicious.
    • subject:this is the subject
    • subject:beginning match*
    • subject:*ending match
    • subject:*middle match*
  • IP addresses:
    • 1.2.3.*


These will not work:

  • Wildcards in the middle of the subject:
    • subject:*middle*
  • Securence does not support Regular Expression style blacklists and whitelists
    • bob.*@[g]
  • Wildcards that are not at the beginning or end of the entry:
    • user@*