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Inbound Email Filtering

  • Protects against threats
  • Empowers email infrastructure redundancy
  • An affordable enterprise solution
  • Lowest # of false positive returns
  • Secure hosting environment

Outbound Email Filtering

  • Prevents delivery of sensitive information
  • Protects against spam proliferation
  • Strips oversized, suspicious attachments
  • Easily deployed, quickly installed

Email Archiving

  • Complete email security for storage and compliance
  • A hosted email archive
  • Messages securely archived
  • Advanced search and recovery tools
  • Simple and affordable

Email Continuity

  • Maintains business continuity during server outages
  • Uninterrupted access to company email
  • No separate website to log into
  • No additional software or hardware

Email Collaboration

  • Alternative, hosted email solution
  • Functionality rivals MS Exchange
  • Over 95% of features of Outlook
  • Includes our industry leading anti-spam, anti-virus solution
  • Significantly lowers your cost

Email Encryption & Security

  • Affordable solution that provides maximum security
  • Easy-to-use encryption system and accessibility
  • No software required
  • Defense against phishing