Securence™: Protection Against Zero Day Virus Attacks

What is a zero day virus?

A zero day virus, is, simply put, a new computer virus for which there is no defense. It is designed to exploit your system’s vulnerabilities, taking advantage of the fact that even the largest antivirus protection programs, like AVG™, Norton™, and McAfee®, have no ready solution.

Most antivirus programs use “signals” to search your computer for malicious codes, attachments, and viruses. But a zero day virus is like a stealth bomber. It flies “under the radar” and does not send off a known signal. Most programs develop a patch to fix the problem after the attack has occurred, but Securence™ has a better solution. We can stop a zero day virus before it does any damage to your private and sensitive data. Read on to learn how.

Zero Day VirusHow Sneaky is a Zero Day Virus? Very!

One of the most common ways to infect a computer is to create a malicious email attachment. Most of these email attachments look completely legitimate. For example, let’s say Fidelity Investments is your financial advisor, so you have their name, address and personal advisor’s details in your email contact list. If you get an email from Fidelity that looks like this:

would you hesitate before opening it? It’s from a name you trust. It’s on letterhead. There are no spelling mistakes. It contains information that looks familiar to you…and it’s a trap.

Securence put this Fidelity zero day virus to the test. Using Virus Total, an analytical tool that simultaneously harnesses the power of 57 antivirus scanners, we scanned the fake Fidelity document. The results were scary.

Out of 57 scanners, only four caught the virus. This virus fooled Malwarebytes, McAfee, AVG and even Microsoft – and this zero day virus was sent on Microsoft’s own exchange servers!

We ran this same file through our own Securence program; and it caught the virus. That’s because while many of the best antivirus software programs search for signals, Securence adds another layer of protection by also searching for patterns.

Virus TotalSecurence Protects Against Zero Day Viruses

We are not saying that other virus protections are inadequate. Some protection is better than none. However, zero day viruses are specifically designed to circumnavigate to the top names in antivirus protection, so for full protection, you need something more. That’s where Securence steps in.

As mentioned above, our leading enterprise email filtering system doesn’t just look at signals. It analyzes the patterns that zero day viruses use, and anticipates the signals and patterns that new zero day viruses may use in the future. Our program is designed to be proactive and agile so we can stay ahead of the hackers that want your private information. Our solutions cover you from every angle: inbound and outbound email filtering, first-in-class encryption, secure email archiving, email shadowing and much more.

You Deserve Protection Against Zero Day Viruses

You, your company and your clients deserve the best possible protection against zero day viruses. Our solutions are affordable, complete, and incredible agile. Rather than providing retroactive fixes once a zero day virus attacks, we focus our R&D on stopping zero day virus before they access your data. Only 7 percent of 57 top scanners caught the Fidelity virus, and we were one of them. For smart protection, call Securence today.