Email Encryption


Benefits of Adding Email Encryption to Your Office 365 Account

Email encryption is no longer an added bonus in the business world. It is an expectation and often a requirement, which is why every business needs to consider additional email security, especially when using Office 365. If your business uses Office 365, then you can benefit from the added security and safety of email encryption, here are just a few reasons why.

1. Compliance

Security in the modern business world is a top priority. There are expectations for all companies to adhere to minimum security protocols and, unfortunately, standard Office 365 is generally insufficient. If you are a small business or any business that is looking to expand, there is a strong chance that you will be audited for security protocols before you can do business with some companies. One of these security expectations will include email protocols, and email encryption will be expected.

Much of the reason for this is the new ways email hackers will access your information. In many instances, you can inadvertently download malware that doesn’t just try and shut down your computer, but which instead archives your correspondences. This can lead to issues of important information being sold online, including access to bank accounts and other sensitive information. Without proper encryption, this information can go somewhere you, and your clients, do not want it to go.

2. Privacy

Your business is just that: yours. No one has the right to access your private information and correspondences without your permission or without going through the proper legal channels. Email encryption ( gives you an added layer of privacy that Office 365 does not offer. This not only means that your business is yours, but it also means that your privacy will remain a top priority.

3. Client Confidence

Security is one of the most sought-after aspects of all businesses today. Companies and clients alike expect their collaborators to keep communications and information safe and secure. Breaches are no longer something that is acceptable. In fact, they can often lead to the end of professional and profitable relationships, which is why so many companies need to use email encryption to protect their correspondences.

While Office 365 is a powerful email tool, its security protocols are often lacking, considering the many ways in which hackers and malicious email scammers infiltrate email accounts. Today, the phishing schemes can be quite complex, so much so that even the most astute people can fall victim. But with email encryption, you can protect yourself from these attacks because of the additional security.

4. Added Trust

When you use email encryption, your emails can go on a safer list for those receiving, meaning there’s less of a chance of your emails being blocked or heading straight to the spam folder. And since so many companies use different security protocols, having that added layer of trust can mean you can communicate with your business partners more readily.

If you are using Office 365 as your email client, then you will need to consider additional security protocols, including email encryption. Securence’s email encryption services are affordable and easy to use, requiring no additional software or training.


What is Encrypted Email?

Email encryption is one of those topics that gets very complicated very quickly. Pretty soon, most explanations end up using a bevy of complicated words and terms that may as well be another language. It doesn’t have to be this way, however, because the benefits of using encrypted email are simple, and the core concepts of email encryption can be easy to understand as well. Today, we decided to break down email encryption to its basics so you can learn what email encryption is and why it’s important for your business, without all the technical mumbo jumbo.

1. What is Email Encryption?

Email encryption is a way to protect your emails from being read by other people or computers. Essentially, what it does is scrambles an email heading out from your computer and reassembles it for the intended person. And when you receive an email, it scrambles it and puts it back together again before you read it, reducing the chances of any of the information getting into the wrong hands. By using encrypted email, the only people who will see an email is the sender and its intended recipients.

2. Why Do People & Companies Use Encrypted Email

Like most technological services, email encryption is used for a number of reasons. The overarching reasons, however, boil down to security and privacy. In general, companies use email encryption to meet security protocols. Since sensitive information is often sent through email, it is important for businesses to keep that information as protected as possible.

Email EncryptionPrivacy is the other major reason, and this is often why individuals will use email encryption for their own private email accounts. Since the online experience increasingly uses software to track the movements of people online, emails are becoming easier and easier to break into or spy on. With email encryption, those emails can travel more safely and can better maintain their privacy.

3. Do I Need Email Encryption?

Generally, email encryption is recommended for two reasons: because your email always has sensitive information, and because you should be compliant with security protocols.

First off, your email account has private information. Everything from emails about resetting passwords to notices from you bank include information that could compromise your confidentiality. So even when you think your email is mostly for confirming appointments and seeing who’s having a sale this week, they are actually loaded with stuff you want to keep to yourself.

Secondly, if you run a business that has clients, you should be taking steps to ensure any information sent between your two parties is confidential. This includes using encrypted email to help keep things secure.

Encrypted email is absolutely essential in the modern business world, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. The technology itself may be quite fascinating, but the benefits are immediate: with encrypted email, you will be safer, your company’s information will be safer, and you will enjoy a level of privacy previously unavailable through unencrypted email. Don’t take chances when it comes to email encryption, contact Securence today to see what we have to offer.


Why You Should Send Encrypted Emails

It goes without saying that email is an essential aspect of the modern business. No longer a helpful tool, it has become integral to how companies and people communicate, both internally and externally. Being as essential as it is, keeping your emails safe from prying eyes, and keeping your information protected, is also key to running your business, no matter the size or industry.

Email encryption services can help your company succeed, save money, and stay compliant with business standards and protocols. Here are just a few reasons why you need to send encrypted emails.

1. Client Confidentiality

In a world that is increasingly connected, privacy and confidentiality have become extremely important. For many modern businesses, especially business-to-business companies, having up-to-date security is integral to your business and its clients.

Encrypted email is just one of the ways you can help ensure your company has the right security protocols in place to protect your company, and your clients, from data breaches.

2. Increased Security

Imagine the following scenario: your website is hit with a DDoS attack, halting traffic heading to your website. In order to fix the problem, you request a password change for your server. That is sent to you through an unencrypted email, meaning that anyone looking at your inbox has access to that password, and now the backend of your entire website. Not only is your site compromised, but all of its data is in the hands of someone else. At best, this is an extreme liability; at its worst, the people who visit your site are now vulnerable, all because of a single email containing a critical password.

Email EncryptionEmail encryption helps to protect your company from these sorts of events, which can occur through a number of unintentional and intentional communications. Without the right protections, even a simple password reset email can end up as a far worse situation.

3. Secure Financial Transactions

We often think of inboxes as filled with communications and, as a result, tend to overlook just how much information is stored in those communications. We also tend to forget that things like bank transfers happen through our email accounts, and those can often be tied directly to our bank accounts. Regular, insecure email accounts leave you and your company open to people who are spying on and possibly stealing money and information related to your finances, and that can cause severe problems for your company’s longevity and ability to remain financially stable. But encrypted emails can help stop people from learning your financial dealings through your communications, and thus can keep your company protected.

With our modern dependency on email, it is extra important that you take all of the steps necessary to ensure that this email is protected. After all, important and confidential information is transferred through email every day, and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is away from prying eyes.

If you are in the need for email encryption services, Securence can help. With our email encryption technology, we can provide the maximum security for your most sensitive email communications and protect your business.