Email Archiving


Four Reasons Why You Need Better Email Archiving

Email archiving, or the practice of safely storing the information in your company’s emails, is an important aspect of the modern business. Since our information, and the information of our clients, is paramount, you need an archiving system that is easy to use and ultra-secure. This is why Securence offers a variety of email archiving packages that ensure your emails are safe and easily searchable. Here are just a few reasons why people are making the switch to higher quality email archiving.

1. Making the Switch is Seamless

When you choose Securence for your email archiving, you are investing in a flexible archiving system. The email itself can be customized to work the way in which you are familiar, so you can hit the ground running without having to learn an entirely new system.

2. It’s Easy to Search

Securence’s email archiving not only protects and catalogues every email sent through your company, but it also features an easy-to-use search function to help you pinpoint the email correspondences that you need. You can search through multiple criteria, including by a date or a range of dates, by sender or recipient, by ID or IP address, attachment file name, subject line keywords, and the body text of attachments or the messages themselves. You can even search all incoming messages, outgoing messages, journaled messages, or any combination of the three. Performing these searches requires little more than checking a few boxes, in most instances, and the search results are instant. You can even save previous searches so you can easily locate messages that you’ve found previously.

Email Archiving3. Your Emails Can Be Safer

Every archiving package that we offer includes up-to-date encryption protocols in order to ensure that your email archive is safe and compliant with security protocols. The encryption systems that we use are considered the “gold standard” of email encryption, ensuring that your system is safer than it would be if it were left alone with one of the lower cost or free email providers. That means your emails will be safer while easier to find, all by switching to our archiving services.

4. Reliable Disaster Recovery

Some email archiving systems have weaknesses built into how they store emails, either without relying on redundant servers or by using non-dependable server providers. At Securence, we ensure that your email archive is securely stored on reputable servers, and that there are sufficient redundancies in place to ensure you will never lose a single email. The servers are updated in real time instead of every few minutes to ensure everything is up-to-the-second accurate. And in the event of a server issue, your emails will still be accessible.

High quality email archiving ( offers a secure and easy-to-use way to store and search your entire database of emails. It can help you stay compliant with security protocols without slowing you down, and it offers you and your clients the peace of mind knowing that your emails are secure.


How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Low Cost Email Archiving

Small businesses today are increasingly relying on email as their primary mode of communication. In fact, many new startups are using smartphones as their primary mode of doing business. With such an emphasis on email, it’s important that small businesses use a low cost email archiving service to store all their emails.

Low cost email archiving services create a copy of every email on your account, or on your business’s account, and store them in an offsite server. No matter what the email is, it will be recorded in the archive, even if it is deleted on someone’s account. The extreme level of transparency has numerous benefits for small businesses. These are just a few of the ways that small businesses benefit from a low cost email archiving service.

  1. ComplianceLow cost email archiving is used by thousands of small businesses

Transparency is of the highest importance to today’s small business. Many small businesses rely on outside funding to help them succeed, and these outside institutions require absolute transparency for their financial support. Without doing your due diligence and archiving your company’s emails, you could end up compromising your business’s future. With low cost email archiving, every email will be stored and easily accessible, keeping you compliant with your most important business relationships.

  1. Legal Protection

Operating in today’s modern business world means you will probably end up in court at some point in time. The disputes may just involve sorting out simple business matters, but you should always be as prepared as possible. Email archiving helps you keep detailed, specific records of your email correspondences, some of which could help you in the event of a lawsuit or legal action. Without proper, low cost email archiving, you could end up losing a crucial piece of evidence that could protect your business from legal action.

  1. Disaster Recovery

Losing your emails can be disastrous. Besides the interruption of service, which can mean you’ll miss out on incoming mail, you will also lose all of your email conversations and threads. Without those conversations, you stand to lose an exceptional amount of information and will need to rely on people emailing you back to continue with the conversation.  Low cost email archiving can protect you.

  1. Fast Searching Capabilities

Finding specific emails can be a challenge for literally any person or business, no matter their size. Sometimes, you need to find old emails, even deleted emails, and email archiving makes the searching of your entire email server fast and simple. If you lost an attachment that you need or want to re-familiarize yourself with a project, low cost email archiving lets you quickly find the emails you need.

Providing the most affordable services on the market today, Securence is the most cost-effective choice for your email archiving needs. With our services, you can quickly, easily, and effectively maintain your company’s emails for your own records. This service will not only help you maintain better transparency, but it will also help your company run smoothly in the event of a server crash. If you are a small business looking for a low-cost email archiving service provider, be sure to contact Securence today.


How you can Benefit from the Lowest Cost 10-Year Email Archiving

Email archiving is an important aspect of running a modern business. We rely increasingly on email for our business-to-business communication, but we often don’t take the precaution to store those emails securely. Luckily, there is a low cost solution for email storage. It’s called “email archiving,” and Securence has the lowest cost 10-year email archiving program available.

Email archiving takes all of your company’s emails and stores them on an offsite server. These emails can be easily searched and organized and will include everything, up to and including deleted conversations. The lowest cost 10-year email archiving service offers many advantages to businesses of all sizes, adding extra security and convenience to your email system.

  1. Store Every Email

When you use the lowest cost 10-year email archiving service, you get a complete record of every email on that account, no matter if the email has been deleted or not. This is an extremely important feature, not simply for its transparency, but also for your ability to maintain your own records. Complete archiving lets you go through any and all emails relevant to important happenings in your company.

  1. Stay CompliantEmail Archiving

Businesses today must maintain certain data responsibilities. Some of these stipulations come from the government, but many others come from investors, banking institutions, and more. All businesses should maintain meticulous email archives in order to stay compliant with all the regulations and agreements used by their company. The lowest cost 10-year email archiving will not only help you maintain excellent professional relationships, but it will also keep you protected from a legal standpoint.

  1. Defend Yourself

No matter what kind of business you run, you may have to take legal action at some point in your future. Whether it’s being owed money or a breach of contract, many companies today will often lose key emails that could have helped them in court. With the lowest cost 10-year email archiving, your company can keep every single communication, so when you have to go to court, you have the evidence you need.

  1. Keep Searching

Probably one of the best uses of the lowest cost 10-year email archiving services is to simply look for the information you need. Emailing has become one of the most frequent ways in which we communicate, especially in business, so finding the relevant material for your task can be difficult. Email archiving allows for the simple search of your entire email domain. So, if you need everything on a specific project to re-familiarize yourself or need an attachment from a specific email, you can find it quickly and easily with email archiving services.

Securence is proud to offer the lowest cost 10-year email archiving service available in the entire world. With our professional and highly-advanced services, we offer top quality services while saving our clients’ money. If you are in need of email archiving for your business, be sure to contact us today to see how we can help you succeed.


Email Archiving Solutions – A Worthy Investment for Your Business

As a business service provider you generally have very little time for inconvenience, including chain emails, and spam. Why fight one more battle with these waste-of-time emails? In the business world, every moment counts. How you spend your time reflects on the status of your business. The success you gain, results from the efforts you invest and your actions.

Email archiving services are an increasingly assertive way for managers to focus on the contacts that are most beneficial for their business’s health. Think of the last annoying email you received in your inbox, was it a retailer, a scam cruising vacation, or just another ad? If you are ready to say “no more”, invest in the revolutionary technology that makes a big difference.

Email archiving services

Learn to avoid spam

There are emerging email archiving tools that allow service providers to quickly set up email archiving protocols with remote management capabilities on customer requests and inputs. In another application, it can be for adding those management capabilities onto existing storage service offerings. Good data management results in accurate numbers and accurate numbers mean precision; there is nobody who complains about being precise.

Software Exchange Archiver

Email archiving and management optimizes storage of archival data. This optimization makes it possible for small businesses that wish to maximize extra storage resources that are dedicated to storage email archives. Remember, when there wasn’t an unsubscribe button to that pesky ad or retailer who just wouldn’t leave your business or personal email alone? Your software is designed in way to eliminate any unwanted emails from popping up in your unread mail box. It is often difficult to refrain from opening junk mail when it is unread and in front of you. This is why cost effective email archiving solutions come into play so often.

Worthy investment?

The World Wide Web is quickly changing with technological evolvement. One of the best ways to manage your email preferences is through the extension of an email archiver. Our search and retrieval services give users the ability to get emails in seconds using keywords, data range, and other filtering methods. The best part of our handy service is that there are no storage limits and no additional hardware required for this efficiency to thrive. The unwanted messages that are received through the archive are then stored at multiple secure off-site locations.

Journaling can be important for businesses to maintain a healthy communicative environment amongst co-workers, and in this case the software uses exchange journaling for internal email and archive when journaling to Securence is enabled on the email server.