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For businesses and enterprises evaluating email security and message management services, third party perspectives provide an independent view on the relative merits of various providers. Following are selected quotes and downloadable documents from Securence customers:

Learn how these featured organizations are using Securence to extend their existing email solutions to protect their networks from spam and viruses, ensure compliance with legal and industry regulations, communicate securely with customers and partners, and automatically and securely deliver sensitive or confidential information and documents.

RE/MAX International

"Securence was easy to set up, taking about 10 minutes. After a simple switch, we started seeing results immediately. We found our silver bullet in Securence. Our 43,000 users are safe and secure."

RE/MAX International
VP Web Services & IT Marketing
Kristi Graning



"It's a bit of a cat and mouse game. As spammers modify their game, so does Securence. The great thing about using Securence is that it's totally hands free for me. I don't think about it. I don't worry about it."

Exchange Administrator
Ricky Pugh

API Group Inc

"Securence has been a very appropriate and timely program for today's business world.

Our spam problem was getting out of control. Since adding Securence to our communications systems, we have reduced spam to a mere trickle! On average, each email domain would receive 65% spam messages (some as high as 95%!)

The ROI on this product is almost immediate! Not to mention the peace of mind that lots of "undesirable" emails are not being delivered to my users. Thank you Securence!"

APi Group, Inc.
Network Manager
Brian Erickson